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2021 Water Project 

In early 2020, the Mt. Meru Tumaini Health Clinic received a gift of $4,8000 from the Holy Communion Lutheran Church in Racine WI, enabling us to continue bringing safe, clean drinking and cooking water to the people of the Ndoombo area of Mt. Meru. This project was delayed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. However, in February of 2021, Board member Exaudh Mbise was finally able to travel to Tanzania to implement these water projects.

The first project was to replace the deteriorating pump at the Dispensary campus. People were noticing that the water was dirty and contained particles that turned out to be from the deteriorating mechanism that brings the water to the surface. Exaudh was able to have a new electric pump installed, have the pipes replaced with PVC and the other elements replaced with stainless steel. This should provide long lasting access to clean water for those who live around the Dispensary. 

The second project was to replace the hand pump further up the mountain in Ndoombo Nkwakyaariko with an electric pump and spigot identical to the one at the dispensary campus. Along with this upgrade, two water tanks were installed so they could be filled by the electric pump. Now, people can come and fill their buckets from the spigot and access clean, safe water for their families.

We are so thankful for the generosity of Holy Communion Lutheran Church, and former long-time MMTHC Board members Joannie and Warren Williams who are members of Holy Communion, that has enabled MMTHC and the Ndoombo Community Dispensary to continue making a positive impact on the lives of those living in the Ndoombo area.

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