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2019 January Trip Assesment

On January 16, 2019 Exaudh and Pastor Denise Mbise flew to Tanzania to assess the current status of the Ndoombo Community Dispensary (formerly the Mt. Meru Hope Dispensary).  Since becoming a dispensary in 2018, new regulations and rules now need to be implemented.  In order to comply with these new regulations, updates to the dispensary have been made:

Technology:  A new IPad was purchased in the US and brought to the dispensary.  A Wi-Fi system was set up and the staff was trained on how to use the IPad for the weekly reports to the Ministry of Health.  Cyndy King donated a printer and Exaudh brought along Aliliywa's old computer.  Using this ‘new’ equipment, Denise was able to redo the price lists and notices on the new announcement board at the entrance to the dispensary and also began production of a brochure for the dispensary stating services, price list for testing and staffing. 


Organizing Records: Eunice Mbise, Exaudh’s niece, worked on transferring the electronic patient record system to the new computer.  Hard copy patient records are now being stored in the new 4-drawer file cabinet, along with hanging files, that was purchased during the trip.  It can be locked, providing security for health records.

Pharmacy Needs:  Exaudh, Denise, and Polite Mbise (Exaudh’s brother and our Dentist at the Clinic) visited the Olorien Baptist Dispensary in Arusha, where they have a full lab set up. Dr. Polite, who has been learning to do a number of lab testing himself, spent almost two hours talking to the lab tech at the Olorien Baptist Dispensary.

Exaudh and Denise were able to get rapid test kits for Brucealla and Syphilis, the our volunteer physician, Dr. Jill Hilty, had requested.  The list of available tests available at the Ndoombo Community Dispensary is growing, but we are working toward providing a full lab set up.  To that end a  Full Blood Picture machine will be ordered for the dispensary lab. 

Romini reported that immunizations are now being given on the regular infant and well-baby scheduled visits, with adults now being able to receive tetanus shots. 

New Medical Officer Interviewed:  While visiting the Olorien Baptist Dispensary, Exaudh and Denise learned of a medical officer currently looking for employment.  Dr. Jerry Mroki visited the Ndoombo Community Dispensary and was interviewed by Dr. Polite and Dr. Valerie McKinnis.  At a February 3 MMTHC Board Meeting, the board voted to employ Dr. Mroki on a 6-month trial basis.  His hiring will fulfill requirements from the Tanzanian Ministry of Health, which requires a full-time Medical Officer on staff, and enable the dispensary to largely increase their patient capacity.  We welcome his addition to our dispensary staff! 

Bookkeeping Services:  Mr. Estomihi Kaaya was interviewed by Exaudh and Romini, the Nurse/Mid wife, and his services were engaged to keep the books for the dispensary. 

Tanzanian Board of Directors: Denise and Exaudh were able to meet with the Tanzanian Board to discuss progress at the dispensary.  Several Board members have done a lot of public announcements about the dispensary and daily flow of patients has become more steady.  The Board was thrilled with the CPR classes offered last summer at the dispensary and they would like the 2019 mission team to teach more in 2019.  They were also appreciative of the services of our two volunteer doctors from the US, Dr. Valerie McKinnis and Dr. Jill Hilty.  Plans to develop a brochure of services were discussed, as well as staff needs at the dispensary.

Church Elders Meeting:  Denise and Exaudh met with the church elders of Ndoombo Parish-ELCT to discuss the use of the church for larger education events.  The elders appreciated the blood pressure screening done after church during the assessment trip week.  They encouraged our board to help them raise funds for a hostel they want to build on the parish grounds.  This would be a great place for our mission groups to stay when they come.  It would be a 10-room hostel with self-contained bathrooms. 


Maintenance:  A number of maintenance items were taken care of during this trip.  First the solar energy grid was updated with an additional solar panel, making it 4 panels that now collect energy.  The battery capacity was increased.  A 24 hour test run was successfully completed where the entire campus ran on all solar energy for 24 hours.

The faucets and light bulbs in the dispensary were all replaced.  The light bulbs with solar bulbs and the faucets with turn handles.

Also, the water tank that services the new maternity building was raised on a tower so that the water pressure would increase.

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